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The Calm Before the Storm

The children climb out of the van in front of an old building in The Middle of Nowhere, Iowa. It was clearly an institution of some kind, not a home or place of commerce, but its former purpose is vague. It's been abandoned for decades, left to its slow erosion, open to the elements and any enterprising animals.

"What is this place?" asks Vera, unable to read anything with her powers damped.

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"This is where it all started." Harold leads them toward the building, Doctor Irons' head in one hand, the other holding the sack of potatoes known as Lyle steady over his shoulder. "If I hadn't helped wreck it, you kids would've probably been kept here."

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"Kept?" Marvin asks. "What do you mean?"

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Harold's voice is bitter. "Kept. Studied. The government wants to know how superpowers work, so they poke and prod the folks with powers that can't fight back. Like us."

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The robotic head speaks from under his arm. = They even enlisted my help with this vile project. I was forced to end it at all costs, with Harold's help. =

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"That's why I can make superpowers go away or go through the roof."

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= It was a happy side effect of our escape plan. =

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"Now, we've cleaned this place up a lot. There's a kitchen, cots, everything we need until we figure out where to go from here."

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"Figure it out?" says the surprised Marvin.

"You mean you don't know what we're doing next?" asks Vera.

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"Uh, well..." Harold is sheepish. "That's what Lyle, here, is going to do for us."

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Steve protests, "Won't he need to be put to sleep again?"

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"Nope. I spent a week making a white room for him. He'll be fine."

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= I want to see the rest of you in the main laboratory in a few minutes. I have a favor to ask you all. Think of it as an art project we're going to work on together... =